Implementing Your first Practical Blockchain

1 minute read


Everyone is into the cryptocurrencies and its investment side these days but very few tries to understand the decentralized ledger that works behind it. If you want to learn what is actually a Blockchain quickly and deploy it too then there is a ready path available for you.

By getting enrolled in this course developed by Dr. Mohammad Nauman you can easily start off with the topics like:

  • What is a blockchain?
  • Its highly popular and industry backed blockchain framework -- Hyperledger Fabric
  • Its high-level library -- Composer.
  • Creating our first blockchain and then a smart contract.

By going through these topics and hands-on implementation you will also get across REST API so that the blockchain you are deploying can be easily integrated into an existing application. This course will take you a total of about 1.5 hours.

So in short, you will learn (taken from the course overview itself):

  1. Basics of a hash
  2. How these simple concepts enable the powerful blockchain architecture
  3. Install and configure Hyperledger Fabric using the easiest method available
  4. Install and run Composer -- a high-level, easy to use interface to Fabric
  5. Set up a REST API to use our blockchain from outside Fabric
  6. Use a REST API testing application and then PHP to access data from our blockchain

This is a great way to learn the technical side of a distributed ledger system. There are no such pre-requisites asked by the instructor other than owning an Ubuntu/Mac Operation System on the host or virtual environment.