About Me

I am Aizaz Sharif, a Ph.D. student at Simula Research Laboratory and the University of Oslo. I’m very happy to be supervised by Dusica Marijan and Arnaud Gotlieb. My Ph.D. is focused on testing and validating A.I. based autonomous systems, more specifically on self-driving cars.

Previously, I was a research associate at NCCS and worked closely with the Mobile Forensics by leading a software development team.

You can find my resume here.


  • 02/2020 Its Corona time !!.
  • 02/2020 I started my Ph.D. at the Simula Research Laboratory, Norway.
  • 01/2020 2 papers published to IEEE Explore, one related to Malware Analysis and other in the field of Medical Imaging.
  • 11/2019 Awarded as Best Outstanding Paper in the CANDAR’19 conference, Nagasaki, Japan.
  • 11/2019 Visiting Nagasaki, Japan to appear at CANDAR’19 for presenting my Master’s thesis: Function Identification in Android Binaries with Deep Learning.
  • 10/2019 Graduated as M.Sc. Computer Science in the FAST NUCES under the supervision of Muhammad Nauman.
  • 09/2019 1 conference paper accepted to CANDAR 2019, Japan.
  • 07/2019 1 journal paper published to Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies.